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2020 Wellness Technology Trends

Ever since Babyforce arrived on the scene – and actually a few months before for that matter – I found myself more interested in overall health & wellness. Whether it was sourcing better food, to using healthier products, and simply finding ways to brings balance to my life, wellness has been a focus.

And one particular area that’s piqued my interest, which shouldn’t be a surprise to those who listen to the podcast, is technology.

RingFit Adventure for Nintendo Switch
Courtesy The Wellness Show

A recent trend in wellness is the use of Smart Workouts. Technology is increasingly taking our workouts from the gym or the yoga studio, and bringing them right into our living rooms. We’re seeing a focus on in-home workouts, based on the popularity of workout interfaces like Mirror and Peloton. Nintendo is about to release Ring Fit Adventure, an add-on to the Nintendo Switch that incorporates you physically into the virtual world of a video game, and delivers a smart workout to boot. You’ll be able to try this new interface at the 2020 Wellness Show – and definitely one I plan on checking out!

And let’s be honest – many of us have discovered our cell phones are now “essential” to our life comforts. Well, wellness can also be obtained from your phone!

As technology gets smarter, more and more wellness applications are being delivered to us through our devices. Earlier this year, Telus launched Babylon, an app that allows you to see a doctor through video chat. There are now a variety of tests that you can take via your smartphone, and a “smart sleep mask” that gently lures you to sleep and then wakes you up using red and blue light technology. Helthe Connect is an app created to connect people and organizations with wellness practitioners—kind of a matchmaking app—but for your health and wellness journey. Bios Medical offers blood pressure monitoring devices that send data to your phone to help determine your average blood pressure over a week, and to figure out how to manage it better

For more information on emerging wellness trends, and to come sample some of these for yourself, plan on attending The Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre West February 1 & 2, 2020. The show includes 250+ exhibitors, 5 stages with 100+ demonstrations in fitness, celebrity chefs and more, tons of free samples, and loads of information. For tickets, and information, please visit

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